Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an OKCityCard cost?

An OKCityCard is the benefit of a donation to Allied Arts of $60 or more.

Where can I get an OKCityCard?

1. Click here to donate securely online to receive a card via direct mail.

2. Call (405) 278-8944 to receive a card via direct mail.

3. Visit our office at 1015 N. Broadway, Ste 200, OKC, OK 73102 to pick up your card in person.

4. Visit Other Points of Donation Around the Metro to pick up your card.

Where are the Points of Donation?

Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Naifeh Fine Jewelry, Urbane Home & Lifestyle, OKC Outlets, Oklahoma City Museum of Art


For how long is my OKCityCard valid?

Each OKCityCard is good for one calendar year after month of initial donation. The card itself has a hole punched on the month the card is good through within the next year.


Does the OKCityCard only have locations for discounts in the OKC area?

No! The discounts available to our donors can be found all over the state of Oklahoma.


If I have a question or problem with my card, who should I contact?

Please call Allied Arts at (405) 278-8944 or fill out the form on our contact page.

What if I have an idea or request for a new partner for the card?

We welcome new partnerships and are happy to take suggestions for new business on the card! Give us a call or fill out our contact page.

1015 N Broadway Ste 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73102