Coffee Slingers Roasters

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1015 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Phone: (405)609-1662


Going to origin for Coffee Slingers Roasters, buying and importing coffee directly from producers,  has developed an economically based, regular buying relationship routine which is based in a mutual expectation of quality existing in the commerce between us. This has brought security and consistency to our sourcing relationships, creating confidence, passion, and enjoyment to the story.  This solidifies a continuing trust in our choices and builds good buying practices.  Just as our regular customers are able to trust that they will be getting quality when they order a beverage, buy a bag of coffee or build a wholesale relationship with us.

Knowing and meeting the people we buy from and going every year, keeps us closer to our products and the journey it must take to reach our cups.  Fragrance and aroma are huge, not only while practicing the craft of roasting and preparing great coffee, but also there is this massive connection when you are able to pick up the dirt and smell it, standing there in the quiet of the farm with the wind blowing in the smells of sweet eucalyptus. At the mill, there are the smells of the fermenting coffee cherries and coffee seeds drying, fixing into olfactory memory.  When you finally arrive back at your roaster with the same agricultural product that you have experienced in a living form at origin, with the rhythm of workers and the urgency echoing at harvest,  it sparks a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish, deliver into the cooling tray and finally in your cups.  It’s all hard work.  Let’s keep it moving. Drink coffee daily.