Cafe do Brasil

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440 NW 11th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 



“The place to savor authentic and scrumptious regional dishes and stellar caipirinhas.” In the heart of Midtown, OKC.

I wanted  to create a restaurant that tasted and felt like Brasil: colorful, happy, and loud in many ways, so I hung colorful Brasilian folk art over the bright yellow and green walls which represent the colors of our flag, turned up the music and packed the menu with the foods that would remind me of my home country and  also give other the same experience: exquisite oils, fragrant and exotic peppers, rich black beans, crafted dishes such as Feijoada, Mariscada, Bacalhoada, Picanha, Baiao De Dois,  Bo-Bo De Frutas, and many others… And that’s how it’s been ever since we opened. Not that we haven’t changed. We change all the time, adding new authentic flavors to our menus, developing new relationships with our vendors who provide us with everything in order to bring an experience to your table. But at the end of the day, no matter how inventive our techniques or our ingredients are, my message is intricate and pungent: leave your comfort zone and undertake a new gastronomic experience, that deliveries the most authentic flavors of Brazilian Cuisine.