Ambassadors’ Concert Choir

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601 N High Ave Suite 241

Oklahoma City, OK 73117



We Live to Sing! With the soul and culture of the African-American experience, mix in over eighty voices; and you’ll get the melodic sounds of the Ambassadors’ Concert Choir.  The Choir, a not for profit organization, is dedicated to bringing a variety of music to Oklahoma

It is the Mission of the Ambassadors Concert Choir to provide an avenue of performance of vocal music that can be shared with a diversity of listeners, to present a composite message to the listening public.

Our purpose is to:

  1. provide the opportunity for serious study and performance of music of all genre,
  2. bring about a community awareness of and appreciation for music of all genre,
  3. encourage the musical development of young students, and
  4. promote workshops for strengthening adult musicians.

Thirty-three years later, our goals have not changed and our aspirations still center around presenting programming that will entertain, educate, uplift, and inspire.  That’s what performing is all about.  It is another chance to come into the lives of citizens in the community (if only for a while) and take them on wonderful musical journeys to distant lands, exciting people, amusing stanzas, and inspirational messages.